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Chapter Two

Second infusion - 11/24/2021

Since my first infusion, I have literally felt a little bit better every day. I've been getting back into my workouts and going on weekend hikes. My appetite is back with a vengeance. I had lost down from about 195-200 lbs to 180-185, and now I am back around 190, which is pretty ideal weight for me. I have found that when I am on steroids, things are more intense. Also, I eat like I've never eaten before in my life!

Prior to my first. infusion, I was really sick. Flu like symptoms at night with a dry cough that turned into soaking night sweats every night. So, I was about as weak as I've ever been going into my first infusion. My second infusion, however, I went in about as strong as I've been in a long time. I kicked its butt. I literally had zero side effects. It was like nothing had happened to me. The steroids had a similar effect, only this time my appetite was unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Surveying some new scars in the rear view mirror right after surgery
last known sighting of me with hair

Top of Indian Seats - Sawnee Mountain near our house

Losing my hair on my own terms: BEFORE

Losing my hair on my own terms: AFTER

All healed up - port ready for round 2

Wendy and I took off the next day to Charleston / Folly Beach and had a really good time. We met up with our friends Dave and Carolyn on Saturday, but Thursday and Friday it was just us. We had a fabulous dinner Friday night at the Bennett Hotel. Thursday, we made it just in time for the world's best burger at Rita's on Folly Beach. Like I said, I ate more than I've ever eaten in my life without question, and I never felt full. By the time we got home, I had no eyebrows. They said it would happen right about now, and it sure did.

At the Bennett with my beautiful bride

Wendy and I at Folly

Sweet Lula was in heaven at the beach

Beautiful day at Folly Beach

Pressure washing the condo

With Dave and Carolyn


Thanks for joining me in this journey

Thanks for stopping by.  Pretty sure I'm primarily doing this as therapy for myself, but please know that I love each and every one of you who took the time to check in.

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